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Insights for the New Zodiac Season | May 2023

Insights for the New Zodiac Season | May 2023

Dear friends,

What's ahead for you this new season?

The new zodiac season starts from Sun in Aries, which radiates bursts of energy, empowering you to take action on your desires.

The Eclipse is coming this Friday, May 5. Make sure you're more productive in this time rather than destructive. It's a fresh season for new creativity and new performances, so be prosperous in your organization to meet your goals. Practice discipline on your deeds as Saturn is bringing justice. You will be rewarded and judged based on your discipline and order in your lifestyle and performance.

We recommend donating to animal shelters, specifically dog shelters on every Saturday to strengthen the effect of the planet Saturn as a remedy. Dogs require discipline and order for proper care in return for their unconditional love. What you give, you get back.

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