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New Moon Energy Forecast For You

New Moon Energy Forecast For You

Dear Beloved Ones,

Hope you are well and healthy. We are entering the new moon cycle of our time Thursday, August 17th according to the Vedic calendar. I'd like to highlight the transit of the Sun (Soul) with Mercury (Intelligence) in the house of the Leo, house of your personality. Also, Venus (Beauty & Comfort) is in the sign of Cancer (Moon).

This is a very auspicious and fertile time of the year for Mother Earth and all the beings of life for creation and recreation. Focus more on your inner personality development.

Venus in Cancer will tend our emotions for more luxury and comfort. Do not get too sensitive about your comforts and luxury. It is advisable not to over commit or be influenced by your surroundings. Make mature and wise decisions. Practice kindness and generosity by giving and/or helping for better causes. This will make your personality (Leo) very healthy spiritually. 


Prayer of the Month

"Dear _____, Please guide me in activating and energizing my power of will with determination. Let me be guided and driven to do good with goodwill."

Affirmation of the Month

"I am the center of my existence."
Do your affirmation with conviction, devotion, and with clear understanding. Repeat with realization in the morning and at night before bed time. 

Need specific guidance on your life path or energies rebalanced for the new cycle ahead?

Your Friend, Indy


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