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Amethyst & Rose Quartz Healing Duo Necklace

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Name: Amethyst

Colors: Transparent pale lavender to deep purple


  • Physical - Called the all healer; this is believed to benefit migraines and headaches
  • Emotional - Reduces addiction, ocd, and hyperactivity in animals
  • Spiritual - Enhances clarity of thought, intuition, and psychic abilities
  • Chakra: Third Eye

    Zodiac: Aquarius 



    Name: Rose Quartz

    Colors: Opaque and translucent pink 


  • Physical - Supports circulatory system, heart, and kidneys
  • Emotional - Alleviates depression, emotional wounds, and stress. Promotes empathy, relationships, and balance
  • Spiritual - Enhances peace, self healing, and self love
  • Chakra: Heart

    Zodiac: Taurus, Libra

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