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5/18/23 New Moon Insights

5/18/23 New Moon Insights

It's a New Moon, and the Sun is in Taurus while the Moon is also in Taurus. Taurus peoplethis is your time to shine!

Taurus is a sign of Venus, so invest in your inner beauty. Practice generosity and kindness, and give back for the future investment of your karma bank.

In this time, the heart seeks attention. Have trust and faith. Love who you are by performing your best.

Amplify your nature by being especially attentive in your functional activities: eating, breathing, walking, drinking. Take leadership on rejuvenating and nurturing yourself. Go be in nature. Eat healthy food. Meditate to balance your mind and your karma. Reflect your personality emotionally and mentally through meditation.

Land your mind on earth, not your isolated planet.

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