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Full Moon & June Insights

Full Moon & June Insights

Dear Friends,

It's a Full Moon; take a salt bath today. While Sun is shining upon Taurus, I hope and pray for your well being. Enjoy the confidence in your comfort, beauty, creativity, and vacations. Make sure your physical, mental, emotional planetary structure is ready to harmonize with the cosmic transit while Sun is in Taurus, empowering your personality on your position, possession, and prosperity. Be confident and infuse the healing energy to manifest your nature with more confidence, grace, and kindness. We are proud of you and we want you to be proud of how far you’ve come!

Discipline and order in your routine life will be challenged due to the laziness of over comforts. Laziness manifests from comfort. Plan your prosperity for the coming season. Be intentional and wise with your money. Invest time in your physical exercise [earth], don’t drink lots of cold beverages—prefer room to warm temperature choices, especially after sunset [water], avoid eating cold food after sunset [fire]. Practice deeper breathing in the mornings for balancing your mental and emotional energy by harmonizing with Mother Earth.

Practice lower tone conversations and avoid noise pollution, so you can be with your own beats. Don’t treat yourself as a separate entity—treat yourself as one. Don’t procrastinate on your confrontations and expressions. Use different words to explain your situation i.e. “I’m so pissed off” versus “I don’t feel right today.” Words have energy, use it responsibly. Your words will create and represent your kingdom. Please pray to your faith and maintain your meditations. Remember: no order, no existence.


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