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Your September New Moon Energy Forecast!

Your September New Moon Energy Forecast!

Dear Beloved Ones,
Hope you are getting settled and starting a new routine in your life. The new moon cycle starts from the 14th, in the sign of Virgo. Waxing crescent moon in Virgo and Libra, so new earthly adjustments and balance will be important for starting new projects. Followed by the intelligence of Mercury coming home (Virgo) the next day on the 15th.
Jupiter is in Taurus, so know your limits. It is very healthy to do meditation on your nature for clarity and intelligence with new understanding and balance. Accepting the changes and challenges will strengthen your personality for the prosperity of your nature. Sun enters Libra on the 23rd—this is the time you will enter to make some deals, new agreements, new beginnings.This is a fascinating time for the new order and balance. A new perspective in life and lifestyle will develop.
REMINDER: Creator gave us the power to use our will, emotion and words—your performance will reflect your power of determination, power of devotion, and power of your expression. Clarity, Honesty, Sincerity and Conviction will be the ink or essence of your character.

Prayer of the Month

"Dear _____, Guide me how to be Calm, Patient, and Confidential in conversation and with myself."

Affirmation of the Month

"I am complete inside out. I am content and vitalize with my powers and strength."
Do your affirmation with conviction, devotion, and with clear understanding. Repeat with realization in the morning and at night before bed time.

Without understanding you, what is the point of understanding the world?
Know yourself.

Your Friend, Indy
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