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Maintain Your Planet - September

Maintain Your Planet - September

🛁Don't forget to take your salt baths!🛁
Pick your 3 different types of workout such as squats, push-ups, and pull-ups. Enjoy your workout. Project and motivate yourself.
Please be careful with water or fluid intake. The season is changing—avoid cold beverages and ice. Some nice essential oils will help you pass through allergy season. Treat yourself with use of eucalyptus, thyme, and rosemary essential oil aroma treatment or book a Reiki Massage with Essential Oils to strengthen your respiratory system.
Eat fresh healthy and warm food. Add some spices in your food to prepare and preserve your fire for the cold season. Body should be prepared one season ahead for the forthcoming time.
Practice your breathing—avoid breathing out from the mouth. Practice loving kindness in your nature.
Avoid talking to yourself when you're alone.
Do your meditation regularly. Devote your time for meditation everyday.
Don't forget to join us for our free weekly Meditation for Manifestation class every Tuesday evening. You'll get a chance to shop before/after the session and get 10% off.
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