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June Tune with Stationary Saturn & LA Updates

June Tune with Stationary Saturn & LA Updates

Dear friends,

The Sun is in Gemini—Geminis, it's your time to shine. Saturn is stationary today! It’s the best time to invest, convince, and practice to please Saturn because it’s in stationary stage—the divine stage of the planet. Higher resolutions for your discipline and order in your nature must be practiced today, so it can give you the energy to perform better and bring discipline and order in your mind & physical body. When planet is in direct motion, they are in regressive/aggressive stage, so they are in emotions. When in retrograde motion, it’s a very negative mood. Stationary is the purest form of planetary energy.

Black is Saturn’s color—donate black materials or food with black color to the dog shelter today. Donating to dogs are favored today for good karma as they make our lives more disciplined.

I will be in LA from June 21st-26th. My previous trip to Los Angeles was very fruitful and magical, with overwhelming hospitality from hosts and guides. The mountains, valleys, fresh fruits, food, and breeze from the Pacific are transcending, refreshing, and inviting. I did feel the communities disheartened, like lost angels who have forgotten their worth, perhaps as an effect of the pandemic. I look forward to expanding my Life Path Coaching & Intuitive Energy Healing services in Los Angeles.

Are you in Los Angeles or Santa Monica? Want to book a life path coaching, intuitive healing session, Vedic astrology, or explore partnerships? As our beloved trusted community, feel free to connect with us at to start conversations as we build our foundations in L.A. alongside our Suwanee, GA headquarters.


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