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Nourish Your Soul This July

Nourish Your Soul This July

Dear Friends,

I hope you are doing well and blooming in July! 

The New Moon on Tuesday, July 18th will happen in the sign of Cancer, which is also a sign ruled by the Moon (Mind). Sun (Soul) is also a sign of Cancer, which will open space to take action on what you have been planning. The Cancer Moon will make you feel comfortable and confident throughout this month. More importantly, the Lunar constellation also starts this month with the Star of Nourishment (Pushya Nakshatra) ruled by Jupiter which brings prosperity, success and nourishment in life. It is wise to start your New Moon cycle by donations and helping others or Mother Nature's beings.

So, bring nourishment to your nature in your thoughts, speech and action with your potential. 

Remember to take your salt bath.

Cautions: Avoid arguments, exaggeration and falsehood. Don't talk to yourself too much. When you are by yourself, just be as “You are."

Affirmation of the Month: “God, help me understand how to feel content with my nature and be one with you.”

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Your Friend, Indy


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